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    Why we (Dominicans) need feminism

    I have not really been using this blog space but I thought this issue is a really good place to start. If you follow Caribbean news you would know that gender-based violence and issues of sexual abuse and assault are prevalent in our small societies. While nation-based and regional advocacy groups have steadfastly engaged the issue and kept pressure on law enforcement to amend laws and procedures that would improve the process for reporting crimes of sexual abuse, coverage of such incidents by the media, and due process and justice within the court systems. Yet, the number of reported cases, especially in my home here in Dominica, have remained very…

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    On Baltimore. From Dominica.

    Last week, while observing the news unfolding in the #BaltimoreUprising, I was at once heartbroken with my kin in the US facing, once again, the multiple traumas of systemic violence against black bodies in America, and also frustrated by the way in which people around me here in Dominica were mostly apathetic or dismissive of the protests and uprising that is certainly a reaction to the killing of black women and men in the US by police, particularly escalating since the death of Trayvon Martin. These were some of my thoughts, at least the ones I could articulate: [View the story “On #Baltimore and the Caribbean gaze” on Storify]