Create Caribbean Inc. Research Projects, Principal Investigator (ongoing)

As the Founder and Director of Create Caribbean Inc., the first digital humanities/research center in the English-speaking Caribbean, I manage a range of projects dedicated to the archiving, preservation and dissemination of Caribbean culture and heritage. These Caribbean studies projects are designed to engage Dominica State College student interns in building the tools and conducting the academic research to raise awareness about the region’s history and culture. The digital research projects of Create Caribbean Inc. are one dimension of the larger mission of the Research Institute.

Occasions for Caribbean Reading, Principal Investigator

As a complement to my book-length study, this digital exhibit will focus on the different types of readings and readerships emerging in the Caribbean. Go-live date: January 2017

I have worked with the Nature Island Literary Festival since 2012 and most recently served as Chair of the organizing committee from 2015-2016. My role with the annual festival is largely programme management and I have worked with a great team to successfully run non-fiction writing workshops for adults, reading clubs for teens, and literary children’s workshops (which include technology education paired with creative writing through my Create Caribbean Inc. programs). The NILF has hosted nobel laureates, internationally recognized Caribbean writers, emerging writers from the region and the diaspora and even Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre from London.

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