About the Course

Current Semester: Semester 1, 2020-2021

Digital Humanities Research (HIS115) is the first digital humanities course to be offered at Dominica State College. In fact, it is the first course of its kind to be offered at any college or university in the English-speaking Caribbean.

This course is offered as an elective and is a survey designed for undergraduate students to introduce the basic theories and practical components of this relatively new field of study that can be applied to literary and historical research. This is a practice-based research course in which students will collaborate to design and build digital research projects. Because the course is interdisciplinary, the scope of content covered in HIS 115 will extend to social science topics as well.

This digital space serves as our main discussion forum for the course.  Students, instructors and teaching assistants will participate in a range of conversations about readings, projects and other relevant topics.