Course Requirements

Most readings and course material will be made available to students by the instructor in a free or open access format.

Resources: Students are encouraged to bring personal laptops and or tablets for class meetings and to have those available. Students are required to maintain online access and resources are available on campus to facilitate students who do not have unlimited access at home.

Grading/Evaluation Criteria:

Attendance and Participation 150 points
DH Project Reviews 100 points
Group Work and Participation 150 points
Reading Responses 200 points
Final Project – Digital 300 points
Final Project Presentation 100 points
 TOTAL 1000 points

DH Project Reviews

You will complete a review of each of the following:

  • One digital humanities project from an available list
  • One digital humanities project by Create Caribbean available at the Projects page

Each piece should be 500-700 words. A separate and detailed prompt will be posted in the Google Classroom space for each assignment. Each review will be worth 50 points.

Group Work and Participation 

Digital Humanities is a collaborative field of study. Much of the work we do this semester will require us working as a large collective or in smaller team. You will be responsible for and accountable to the larger community of learners by completing your tasks on time, providing encouragement and support to others and seeking assistance where necessary. Your ability to consistently work in a team situation will be assessed as part of this course. This will also include a project contri

Reading Responses

  • This should be a 500 – 600 word reflection on one or more of the assigned readings or activities for the week.  All essays should be uploaded to the Google classroom space.

Final Project 

  • All items, collections, exhibits and simple pages relevant to your project should be posted on our project site by this date and time. Your project grade will be based on information posted at that time. Any changes made to the site after this date without the prior permission of the instructor will result in a grade of F on the project as it is a form of academic dishonesty.

Final Project Presentations

  • You will present your projects to a group of your peers at Dominica State College. You will prepare a 5 minute description of your project, which includes challenges, successes and outcomes.