June 2018:

DH2018 Keynote Lecture – Digital Experimentation, Courageous Citizenship and Caribbean Futurism

May/June 2018:

Create Caribbean: Tech to the People, Caribbean Beat Magazine 

March 2018:

April 2017:

Create Caribbean Celebrates International Girls in ICT Day

January 2017:

Dr. Schuyler Esprit, Dominica State College, Create Caribbean Inc., Caribbean Scholarship in the Digital Age Webinar Series

April 2016:

The Orchid House is republished

November 2015:

Create Caribbean encourages participation in History Harvest

October 2015:

Digital Research Resource Launched for History Week 

Taking a swipe at history

April 2015:

Create Caribbean Inc. Launched as Primary Research Facility for Dominica

March 2015:

Visit of Ms Schuyler ESPRIT , Médiathèque Caraïbe

September 2014:

Dr.Schuyler Esprit brings new and emergent technologies to the Dominica State College (CBN4 News)

Director of Create Caribbean speaks on Current and Upcoming Projects 

April 2014:

Reading and Technology Can Work, Says Dr. Schuyler Esprit

March 2014:

Nature Island Literary Festival Committee Launches Reading Challenge


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