Progress report

Science and Religion is a very broad topic and each member in the group had a specific sub-topic that they choose to focus on.  After dissection of the topics it was still considered too vague hence, finding a specific topic to focus on where lots of information could be obtained especially in the case of Dominica was a difficult task.  To overcome this obstacle, I did a bit of research on Science in Dominica and picked out a topic I had a genuine interest which had generous amount of information.  Some of the information was difficult to understand but was this was overcomed by breaking up and understanding each point.  Being a college student to conduct reseach I would usually use online sources because they were quickier and take less time but during the research phase websites were not enough.  This project required both primary and secondary sources, Ive improved in being able to analyse multiple different sources of information.

In the beginning, it was difficult to get information on Dominica pertaining to my topic on research engines such as DILOC.  Finding time to work on the projects and to conduct interviews were difficult with procrastination being the thief of time.  When reading articles, it took a lot of time to read and some turned out to be irrelevant to the topic.  Getting people to be interviewed was also a task because some were busy or they were not comfortable taking part in the interview.  A few of the people interviewed were a bit cautious in the participation because did not want their voices to be put into the projects and did not want to say their names to known. Those who declined referred us to other people who would be willing to be interviewed and most of those who accepted were welcoming and informative.  The opinion of the people interviewed were diverse so we obtained many different points and many different points of view which opened my mind to a point of view I did not think of.

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