Course Schedule


This class is a blended course. This means that we will complete coursework and discussion in a virtual environment as well as in the classroom. You will be expected to fully participate in both aspects of the course and to attend all the scheduled class meetings.  You are responsible for completing and responding to all reading assignments, according to the blog guidelines as described on the Assignments page. 

Date Topic Readings Tutorial/Activities
UNIT 1 The World of Digital Humanities
Week 1 Digital Technology is Not Neutral Hybrid Pedagogy: Principals of Learning in the Digital Age

Joshua Adams, Google Search as a Colonial Tool

Emily Drabinski, “Ideologies of Boring Things: The Internet and Infrastructures of RaceElijah Meeks, An Introduction to Digital Humanities

Week 2 Digital Humanities: Methods, Tools and Lens Analysis of DH Projects

William G. Thomas, “What we think we build..”

Trevor Owens, Please Write It Down

Miriam Posner, “How did they make that?”

Week 3 Telling Stories in Digital Spaces Carole Palmer, Thematic Research Collections

Daniel Pitti, Designing Sustainable Projects and Publications

Alex Gil, The User, The Learner and the Machines we Make

Peter Hudson, Review of Caribbean Memory Project 

Review of DH Projects 1: Assigned Projects
UNIT 2 The Caribbean: Past, Present and Future
Week 4 Climate Change and Alternative Caribbean Futures Kaiama Glover, The Caribbean Digital: Pioneering the Caribbean Digital
Week 5 Caribbean History Will Save Our Lives Lennox, Honychurch, Excerpt from In the Forests of Freedom

United Nations, Sustainable Development Goals

Review of DH Projects 2: Create Caribbean
UNIT 3 Caribbean Digital Humanities: Bridging Form and Content
Week 6 Environmental Humanities meets Digital Humanities Schuyler Esprit, Resistant Narratives in the Age of Disaster

Climate Signs by Emily Raboteau

Christopher Flavelle, This Tiny Country Says it can Beat Climate Change 

Week 7 The Carisealand Project: answering research questions through primary sources Schuyler Esprit, Library as Text, Place and Tool

Kate Theimer, Archives in Context and as Context

Week 8 The Carisealand Project: imagining and designing a new Caribbean Knight Lab

Adobe Spark

UNIT 4 Building the Project – Tools, Strategies, Practices
Week 9 Refining Research questions, project mapping and project planning
Week 10 Combining tools with research: how to make the technology help you answer research questions Duke Story Lab


Week 11 Digital Tools: Limitations and Possibilities 
Week 13 Research Presentation Day