Economics and Politics Progress Report by Ashfred Norris

In the initial stages of this project, I was quite unsure and didn’t fully comprehend what was required of me do to. However, Dr. Esprit never failed to let us know that where ever there is doubt never be hesitant to ask questions. Therefore in a matter of time I began to understand and familiarize myself with the project and was prepared to work on it. The first challenge that I encountered was structuring an appropriate set of questions which would challenge the theme- Caribbean Resistance and Reality.

As I mentioned earlier, from the epitome of the project my understanding was quite gloomy therefore my first set of questions weren’t suitable and relevant to the topic. After revising the questions, I then encountered another difficulty; sources. We were encouraged to gather and assemble as much primary sources as we could instead of secondary sources; however they were both quite difficult to come by. Nonetheless, I was able to trump this obstacle of allocating sources, by deciding to visit many different institutions and platforms such as: The National Archives and Documentation Center, The Public Library, and The Digital Library of the Caribbean (dloc). I anticipate that these historical centers may be useful to me as I would like to know how the people resisted economic and political forces before, and contrast it to how they are resisting now.

In regards to primary sources, I have decided to set up interviews and questionnaires mainly as my means of acquiring primary source Information. I have planned to set up interviews with different individuals such as The Labour Commissioner, Dr. Matthew Leblanc, and Dr. John Collin McIntyre; Minister for Planning, Economic Development and Investment. The individuals were selected simply because of their affiliation and direct involvement with the country’s government and affairs- economically and politically. Lastly, I also intend on having one-on-one discussions with every-day public servants and members of society in an attempt to understand their ideology and practices, and how they resist modern political and economic times.

In conclusion, I would say that the project is on a good path as I’ve been able to eliminate a lot of the difficulties with the help of my highly co-operative group members, as well as the co-operation of other individuals in regards to acquiring the answers to my questions.

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