Progress report; Noah Stoddard

Date Submitted: 26th/ 03/17

Recipient: Schuyler K Esprit, PhD
Writer: Noah Stoddard; Digital Humanities Student

Subject: Report for project, Economics and Politics


     For the digital humanities project, economics and politics under the topic, Resistance and Caribbean Reality; my team and I worked diligently through the time prescribed to us in an effort to create and outstanding and extraordinary digital project. It was our objective to not only create a project which spoke about resistance in a Dominican context, but to make our audience aware of some of the changes and forms resistances take in our society, and in the economical and political background of Dominica the people has long resisted  certain government administrations, legislations and policies.
As a group we encountered challenges and difficulties, which resulted in extreme setbacks and misunderstandings. However, in groups compromises must be made and individuals will differ with proposal that is inevitable, but along with these challenges we also experienced excellent progress in the structure and overall content of our project. We are currently working toward the deadline and the team and I are ongoing in our project’s development and will continue to do what necessary to see its exemplary completion.

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