Progress Report by Tonilia Eli: Art and Education

In the beginning, the project was very confusing and it took me a while to really understand my role in this whole thing. Honestly, I am still a bit confused but as time progresses, things become clearer. The idea of the project was difficult to process but my group members took their time to explain different aspects to me. Now, I am eager to create an exceptional project.
I was skeptical about the actual gathering of the information because the topics were so broad but I chose a path that I am passionate about which makes the project a lot easier. My original intention was to gather primary information about the topics but there were no magazines or newspaper headlines available (although I am still looking). I decided to gather the information that I needed by conducting interviews. The scheduling of interviews was fairly difficult as the interviewees had really tight schedules. However, I was willing to make the sacrifices to miss one or two classes, just to get it done. The interviews were very interactive and really fun to do. My interviewees were not “camera shy” and displayed much enthusiasm when answering my questions. Gathering secondary sources was easy as most of the information I needed could be found on one website; and just for further reading, I looked into other websites which basically explained the same thing. I went as far as asking different artists and writers about the information that I gathered and they were able to provide more information. All in all, the gathering of information became much simpler over time; it just required a lot of reading.
The actual building of the website took me a few days to figure out. I had to ask more questions just to make sure that I was on the right track. After I got clarification, it was smooth sailing. I spent some time trying to come up with creative ways to capture my audience’s attention and now I can start building. From where I stand now, it is a really big step from where I was, and I still have a long way to go, but with excitement as my momentum and assistance from my colleagues, I am confident that I will build an extraordinary exhibit.

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