Progress Report – Gael Thomas

The aspect of the Caribbean Resistance and Reality that is highlighted is this part of the project is Science and Religion. More often than not, the topics of science and religion are seen in constant contradiction. Undoubtedly, both setbacks and advancements have been experienced in the research and analysis phase of the project. Two challenges faced include the initial limited availability of information, the request of interviewees to remain anonymous and a major advancement includes the establishment of sub-topics under the main themes.

Initially, limited availability of information related to the topics could be found. The initial search for information began on the common search engines. A lot of information, especially related to Dominica, is usually inaccessible to students or not readily available. Thankfully, this problem was easily solved with the use of digital libraries such as JSTOR (Journal Storage) and DLOC (The Digital Library of the Caribbean) as well as visits to the Dominica National Archives and Documentation Centres. In addition to this, the Roseau Public Library has abundant resources for the efficient collection of research material for this project.

Furthermore, another challenge faced was the request of interviewees to remain anonymous. Gathering information from primary sources like individuals who are directly involved in the fields of medicine and religion is greatly credible and reliable. However, when the names of those persons are stripped from the content, some of that credibility is lost.

Lastly, a major advancement made since the initiation of the research project was the finalisation of the sub-topics that would be addressed. These sub-topics aid in honing in on more specific areas in which resistance can be seen. This finalisation can undoubtedly be seen as a significant milestone in the completion of the project as gives the team a sense of direction and will also enable them to focus their energies on these sub-topics as opposed to the broader topic.


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